We have advised the Tim Hortons next to the hotel that furry fun is once again returning to Ottawa.

They have graciously agreed to supply your Tim Hortons requirements by extending their hours!

Extended Hours during the convention:

  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:  05:30 to 19:00  (5:30AM to 7:00PM)

Our thanks go out to the management of Tim Hortons for making sure that your needs will not be unmet. Please be polite and understanding to their staff as they serve you!


posted 2022/07/12



We're not the ones filling out your Income Tax form (we have enough on our paws just doing our own!) nor can we offer any kind of tax advice, but if you're a resident of Ontario there is a program that may offer a tax credit on certain expenses related to travel in Ontario, mostly the cost of your hotel stays.

So keep your receipts from your visit to Ottawa and have a look at them when tax time rolls around again next year.

For more information on this and the eligibility for the credit check out https://www.ontario.ca/page/ontario-staycation-tax-credit


posted 2022/07/11



Do you know what tomorrow is?

Besides being Thursday, of course.

It is the last day to make a room reservation at the special CanFURence room rate!

Haven't got a room for CanFURence 5? - go here, and do it now http://rebrand.ly/22Canfurence

You will be able to book a room after tomorrow, until about a week before CanFURence (while supply lasts) through that link.  But it won't be the same special discount.

Book now, or pay more!


posted 2022/07/06


Get out your dance card, and start planning who you'll be dancing to.

The DJ's for Friday and Saturday are all here: Events - Nightly Dances


posted 2022/07/10




In addition to all the furry fun of CanFURence, Andromeda Consultants has arranged for a number of special offers (discounts, or two-for-one admissions) at a number of restaurants, museums, guided tours and other attractions.  Make sure to ask about these offers and show your CanFURence badge to take advantage of them.  Especially at the restaurants, make sure to tell your server that you want to take advantage of these offers before you order.

The full details are here.

posted 2022/07/04