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The express train to CanFURence 5 is in the hands of the hostlers, getting the tender filled with coal and water, and all the brasswork is being shined to a mirror gleam.

Advanced registration is now closed, so any new passengers will have to purchase their tickets at the door.  The management regrets that sales of Benefactor level tickets is not available at the door.

As well, DJ applications are now closed.  Applicants are being contacted (and don't forget to check your spam folders!), and the DJ schedule will be published closer to the date of departure.

We look forward to your travelling with us!


published 2022/06/28



Get your applications in to DJ


A train could be a bad place to go about playing loud music.  But if you know your tracks are just too good for a pair of cheap headphones or phone speakers, show off your style to a larger audience and let your vibes define the dancefloor!

That's right! Dj applications are now open! Be sure to get yours in ASAP, because the hype train waits for no one.

Fill out your application here:  https://www.canfurence.ca/events/nightly-dances/dj-at-the-con

Don't wait too long or you'll miss your train.  Applications close at midnight 24 June, 2022.




You'll need your tickets before you board the CanFURence 5 train.  

Pre-registration (which will save you time as you board) ends 27 June, 2022.  Make sure you won't be left behind, get them now!

Want to register?  Go here: https://www.canfurence.ca/registration/

There are still some rooms left in our well appointed sleeping cars.  Book a comfortable space to rest your head while supplies last here: http://rebrand.ly/22Canfurence



CanFURence 5 will be leaving the station for a trip full of furry fun on 29 July, 2022. 

Don't miss your train, make sure you're aboard!


CanFURence 5 starts in:


posted 2022/06/06

More rooms at the Delta are arriving soon!

We are eager to announce that if you wish to book a room in our main hotel, we have added more king rooms. There will also be the option to request a roll-in cot, available while supplies last. These new additions will be available on the group booking site very soon!

We at CanFURence are aware that as the convention grows, and general demand for travel increases, the Delta Ottawa is running low on rooms.

We would like to remind everyone that we still have the lowest rate for rooms at the Delta, guaranteed, from anywhere. Should these new rooms be filled, there may be rooms available to book at the Delta outside of our official block, but at a higher rate.

If you need to book outside of our block, we ask you to please book with our channel by using the CanFURence Room Block link, then by selecting -> Other Hotel -> Delta, and then pay for your room.

While the room will be priced at a higher rate, and not our block rate, by booking as listed above it will allow us to possibly drop your rate to our rate by allowing the convention to claim your booking. Not only does this help to avoid financial loss, it also helps us provide information to expand our room block to ensure more rooms in the future!

For those who have already booked outside the block, we encourage you to contact us at with the subject: "Booked Outside the Block" and provide your full name and booking number so we may be able to assist you more as well.


posted 2022/04/27



It’s May 27th, and there is exactly one month left until online registrations will close.

Don’t wait until the last minute, purchase your registration online while you still can! Why spend time in line to register at the door, when you can just pick up your registration package and enjoy the furry fun?

Haven’t booked your room for CanFURence? Our premium and general roomblocks have been combined to allow everyone a chance at a hotel room. That includes both the main hotel and in the overflow hotels!

We cannot wait to see you at CanFURence 2022!

Please remember that you have to be fully vaccinated to enter our event.


posted 2022/05/27





Attention All Passengers boarding the train to CanFURence 5!

Thank you and welcome aboard!

The ticket agent has given the go ahead and we are pleased to announce that CanFURence 5 room bookings are now available for all passengers with valid tickets.

That is correct 

Delta Hotels Ottawa City Centre is well equipped with sleeper cars for your enjoyment as we ride the rails for the convention. From a sleeping berth, up to the most opulent staterooms, options are available for all means or needs. 

leftHand50x30 But note, you have to be registered to claim your accommodation. rightHand50x30

While our standard attendee rooms will be available to all passengers immediately, upgraded rooms will be provided in a staggered manner commencing with Benefactors, with offerings to other classes of passengers opening every 48 hours thereafter.

Those who are already registered for the 2022 event will be given access to our standard room block immediately.

Those who are registered as Benefactors will be emailed the premium room block booking link on April 5th. For those who are registered as Patrons, the booking code will be emailed on April 7th. Then Dealers and Staff will be emailed the code on April 9th.

The premium room block code will be available to our most discerning passengers until approximately mid-June, or until they are all claimed.  Anyone who registers as a Benefactor, Patron, Dealer or Staff after the code is released will be emailed the code for the premium block.

There is still time to register, or upgrade your registration, to be eligible for these potential upgrades (as well as the extra perqs that come with upgraded registrations), so get your tickets now!

Once you have registered, watch your email starting April 5, 2022 for your link to your room booking options.  The booking link will also be available when you log into your account on the registration system.  Just look for the friendly red button labelled "Delta Hotels Ottawa City Centre" and you'll be taken to the booking site.

Be sure to book your accommodation only through the official booking links for the finest experience - accept no substitutes.

We can’t wait to go full steam ahead on our journey, and look forward to seeing you on board!



And a little hit of reality, before we go:

We also have an update regarding our COVID-19 safety procedures for CanFURence 5 this summer!

  • Staff and attendees will be required to provide proof of full vaccination (second vaccination received at least 2 weeks prior) against COVID-19 before receiving badges and being permitted into event space.
  • Proper masking will be required within con spaces as well. This rule will be enforced at all times, and includes those in fursuit.
  • We urge everyone to follow physical distancing guidelines of maintaining a distance of 6 feet (2 meters) to other attendees at all times.

And, of course, please remember that all of these things are still subject to change depending on provincial, city, and venue rules.

We also request that everyone consider the health and well-being of yourself, those within your personal life, and your fellow furs prior to joining us, to help ensure everyone is safe and healthy.

We look forward to riding the rails with you all soon!


posted 2022/04/05