🔥 We know everyone's burning anticipation for our Dealers applications has been blazing! And we have the news you have been waiting for, so don't freeze up now! â„️


This year folks will need to make an account in our new registration system to submit the form if you don't have one yet, as accounts from prior years have been replaced with the implementation of the new system. 

If you have already registered for CanFURence Fire and Ice (2023) you have a new account, please use that account when you complete the application.

Keep it cool, take your time, and make sure you fill out all information correctly!


posted 2023/04/21



❄️Our registration system is as new as the fresh fallen snow, so you will need to make a new account when you register!❄️

We really appreciate all our loyal attendees who have come back to CanFURence year after year.

This year we have a new registration system, and from its perspective everyone is a "new user".

When you want to register, please choose the "­Register New User" option.

Use the "Register New User" button, everyone is a new user for 2023!

We look forward to seeing you next year, when you will be a "Returning User"!

posted 2023/03/10



🔥Out of the pan and into the fire!🔥

PRE-REGISTRATION for #CanFUR2023 is now officially OPEN!

We know it's a bit of a cold open, and we know just how hot the moment can get, but you'll need to stay frosty as you blaze the trail and follow the link below!




Want to have a look at what you'll get with your registration (but not ready to register now)?  Take this link to the infomation page!


posted 2023/03/10




COVID may not be making the same headlines, but some people are still dying from it, or catching Long COVID. For your sake, and the sake of all the other attendees, we still are implementing protective measures.

Vaccination Policy

Attendees to CanFURence conventions and events must be vaccinated to the minimum recommended level per the Public Health Agency of Canada. Proof of vaccination must be presented upon request.

Vaccine boosters are not required for admittance to the conference or event, but are strongly encouraged.

Vaccine policies are subject to change with little to no notice.

Mask Policy

All staff, attendees, and guests of CanFURence must continue to wear proper masks or face coverings when inside convention or event space.

Masks and face coverings are optional while in areas accessible by the general public, but it is recommended that everyone associated with CanFURence continue to protect themselves and others against the spread of transmissible disease.

Masks will NOT be provided at CanFURence conventions and events.


posted 2023/03/10




Once Thursday ends, and the clock strikes midgnight, Friday means that registration for CanFURence 2023 opens.

Until then, our Registration page will give you the details of what each level provides.

Check out the Registration details at Registration



posted 2023/03/08