Ookami Kemono

Ookami Kemono

Ookami Kemono is a Bostonian who now lives in Quebec, Canada.

Having two parents who specialize in the art field, Ookami, during his early years, spent most of his time drawing instead of doing his homework. Mostly self-taught in pencil and ink techniques, he studied the basics of drawing anatomy from watching various cartoons and reading Japanese mangas.

Ookami's illustrations soon reached numerous published children's books, CD covers, television, and game magazines. Later, he found a talent for both stop motion and cell animation. He graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and, soon after, his furry graphic novel Concealment was published by Rabbit Valley. He is currently working on his new comic series Lucid's Dream and a children's book in the making "Sam The Samoyed and Petit Peets".




Soryane, or V to her friends, is an artist from the greater Montreal area.

While she's mostly known for her digital and traditional illustrations, especially her reference sheets, she also dabbles in other types of art, especially crochet as of late.
She spent many of the 20 years since she joined the Furry community being involved with many aspects of the local group, up to helping run the now-defunct Montreal convention.

She now works in the animation industry, having started as a storyboard clean-up artist and making her way through the ranks.

Feli (Dark Bunny Sauces)

Felinaeus - proprietor of Dark Bunny Sauces

Felinaeus, more commonly known as Feli, is an Ottawa native who currently resides on the island of Montreal. After years of helping run several conventions in various capacities such as volunteer, security, director and even chairperson, he turned his attention to a new venture: hot sauces.

Dark Bunny Sauces makes various concoctions ranging from no spiciness to “Oh sanity, why did I think this was a good idea?!?” spicy. They are made in what some would call nano-batches, meaning that although the taste might vary slightly from batch to batch, the quality of the sauces remains the same.

Dark Bunny Sauces continues to supply the Furry fandom and several other niche groups with flavourful food additions, as well as contributing to the charity fundraising for several ongoing conventions through donated charity auction items, specific sauces and through the occasional game-show-esque panel.

But as Feli states, “I make the sauces taste good, they make the sauces look good,” they being a reference to both of his fellow Guests of Honour who provide artwork and graphic design to the labels, as well as several other fandom artists who contribute.