Stronger Together

Stronger Together as an integral part of CanFURence is commited to not only to act as its charity department, but as a way to:

  • promote social awareness of the challenges faced by members of our fandom,

  • fight stigmas associated with these challenges,

  • encourage a sense of community in the hope that our social networks act as safety nets in times of need.


Our 2022 Charity: Ottawa Paw Pantry

The Ottawa Paw Pantry is a registered charity and pet food bank for pet owners in times of need. As a 100% volunteer run organization, we rely on our community to help us keep Ottawa’s cats and dogs fed and at home with their families.

As the cost of living continues to rise, the need has never been greater. Every donation counts. Give back by becoming a monthly donor, or a one-time donor, or drop off unexpired/unopened food at one of our many drop off locations around the city. Don't forget, any donation over $20 is eligible for a tax receipt. Check out for more information.

Ottawa Paw Pantry


How can you help?

Be Generous!


Get help if your need it

Sign up for CPR training

  • CPR isn't just for paramedics! Being ready to react in medical emergency situations saves lives!

Sign up for suicide prevention training

  • Learn to identify suicidal behaviors and how to help your loved ones choose life.

Tell us What you Think!

Be there for each other

  • Because we're Stronger Together



Charities supported by CanFURence:
Event YYYY-MM Charity Supported Funds Raised
CabFURence 2022 2022-07 Ottawa Paw Pantry more than $11225
CanFURence 2021 2021-11 Courageous Companions $11,210.00
CanFURence 2019 2019-08 Courageous Companions $9075.70
CanFURence 2018 2018-08 Courageous Companions $10,000.61
CanFURence 2017* 2017-11 Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue $5,071.00
CanFURence 2016* 2016-11 Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue $5,675.30

* - includes amounts raised at PawPrints Events during the year leading up to the CanFURence Event.