Room Booking & Pawprints in the Sand Wrap-Up!

We are thrilled to announce that the room block for CanFURence 2016 is open! We know everyone has been waiting a long time to book their rooms, and thank you for your patience!

Go to to book a room!

Room bookings will close 2 weeks before CanFURence 2016 on October 27, 2016. Keep in mind Pre-Registration for CanFURence 2016 closes on November 1, 2016 at 11:59PM.

Our Registration Team is happy to help you with your registration for CanFURence at

Pawprints in the Sand was a wonderful day and even included surprise ice cream along with some Soulful Snow Leopard from Dark Bunny sauces. Mmm delicious!  A welcome addition on a hot summer day. The zoo was a popular place to sketch and a great place  to meet new furs!

Pawprints in the Sand
Everyone admired the badges for Pawprints in the Sand! We would like to thank AirGuiTaR for creating the artwork which we hear the original may be available at CanFURence 2016.

Dark Bunny Sauces announced the Closeted Curly Tail Sauce inspired by our Ops “Closeted Curly Tail” Conreeaght — the flavours of Rye Whiskey, Maple Syrup, and Blackberries make it quite tasty! Conreeaght tried to buy all the sauces but shhhh, don’t tell Conreeaght; they are all available including Closeted Curly Tail via Dark Bunny Sauces.

Furry feud was was a squeaking success! There were 2 games of Furry Feud, with some hilarious and unexpected answers that were top answers chosen by furries that took part in our survey.

The Fursuiters slaughtered another minion and enjoyed it’s tasty candy innards — and to put the fears of the non-predators at rest,  the minion was just a pinata. Only paper mache was harmed at this event.

DJ Frost spun for 2 hours as an epic end of the evening, and got everyone dancing! He plays wonderfully bouncy EDM so have a listen to his sets on Sound Cloud!

The Arc jar raised $670.45 by the end of the day bringing the total of the Arc jar so far up to $3,130.70 inching the lead dog Arc Husky closer towards being put in a dress. Regarding the Arc in a dress challenge, you may wish to keep an eye on social media as a related video may be coming out on YouTube soon. Those attending Camp Feral will also have a chance to donate to the Arc jar and if not you can donate online too!

Frederic and Lumen served up plenty of tasty food out of the CanFURence Cafe, satisfying all the hungry furries at Pawprints!  We sold 78 slices of bacon at Pawprints — you are all amazing bacon lovers!

We would like to thank Dairy Queen at Carlingwood Mall for giving us a hand with a wonderful cool surprise for everyone — soft serve ice cream! Dark Bunny Sauces also provided us with Soulful Snow Leopard sauce to smother the ice cream in!