Pawprints in the Rain 2016

Our spring celebration Pawprints in the Rain carried on the successful tradition of our winter event Pawprints in the Snow. We would like to thank our patrons, sponsors, attendees, vendors, volunteers and staff for making the event a fantastic experience for everyone.



The Westoboro Legion was filled with furry fun as ninety-three furries participated in this successful event. Needing more than just enthusiasm to fuel their spirits, the CanFURence Café served up burgers, hot dogs, and grilled cheese sandwiches. There were more than a few carnivores in the crowd as 134 servings of bacon topped the food. Pawprints – the only place in Ottawa that you can order bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon and cheese sandwiches.

It wasn’t just the food that made this a successful event. The fun couldn’t have happened without the wonderful team of staff and volunteers. Many paws make light work.

Our wonderful volunteers


Our equally wonderful staff members


The day was filled with all sorts of furry fun. Fursuit games, Fursuit Family Feud, a gaming area, a raffle with many delightful items, as well as the shiny baubles for sale at the vendors tables. The evening rounded off the day with DJ dance sets.

A highlight of the day was the generosity shown as contributions to the “Arc in a Dress” fund added $2075.00 in one day! With these donations the total for the “Arc Jar” is now $2460.25, almost halfway to to the $5000.00 goal. This total means that we’ll all see the video of Arc being waxed as he is transformed into “Arc-ette”. And remember, he’s not going to enjoy any of this. Or so he says.

We’d also like to extend a special thank-you to our Patrons for digging a little deeper and paying a little more to support CanFURence in our quest to bring furry fun to Canada’s Capital.

Our very wonderful Patrons


There’s always something more happening, so keep your ears up for exciting news. You won’t want to miss our upcoming events, and all the furry fun.

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CanFURence Anthropomorphic Events Inc.

CanFURence is a not for profit furry convention in the national capital region of Canada. Located in Ottawa where there’s plenty of tourist spots, beautiful parks and a thriving community of furs. Pawprints events are one day events held during the year, with the three day CanFURence convention held in the autumn of the year. The 2016 CanFURence convention theme is “Furred Nation”, and the guest of honour is Heather Bruton.