Vendor Policy

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Dealers Agreement


CanFURence 2017 is providing a space for dealers to showcase and sell their work at the ALT Hotel Ottawa from November 10 2017 to November 12, 2017. This room is located on the 2nd floor in the center of the main convention space in the Fuschia and Rose room.

Dealers Liasons:

Stan the Lion is the Head of Artists and Dealers

Drgn8d Kaa is the Assistant to the Head of Artists and Dealers

You can reach all of them via e-mail at


  Full Table (Appx 6’ x 3’) Half Table
Price $130.00 $90.00
Includes Attendee registration for the dealer Attendee registration for the dealer
Assistants Up to 3 for setup, 1 for vending 1 for setup

Every assistant must have be registered separately. Attendee registrations start at $50 for the weekend. Assistants can be registered by the vendor or themselves. Once registered, vendors must email so we can mark down new assistants. Assistants must be indicated prior to the con to be given room access.

Table Locations and Special Requests:

CanFURence’s Head of Artists and Dealers will be assigning table locations. We will do our best to accommodate any special requests made regarding location or being near particular dealers. Special requests are not guaranteed.

Hours of Operation:

  Friday Saturday Sunday
Setup 8am to 12:30pm 8am to 10am 8am to 10am
Operation Hours 12:30pm to 6pm 10am to 6pm 10am to 6pm
Tear Down 6pm to 7pm 6pm to 7pm 6pm to 8pm

Dealers may begin setting up on November 10, 2017 from 8am to 12:30am.

Morning setup is offered on Saturday November 11, 2017 and Sunday November 12, 2017 from 8am to 9:50am.

The complete tear down of tables may begin no earlier than 6pm on Sunday November 12, 2017. Should you need to depart earlier please inform the Head of Artists and Dealers, Stan the Lion.

The dealers den must be cleared from the premises by 8pm on Sunday November 12, 2017.

The dealer is solely responsible for setup and takedown. We may be able to assign volunteers to assist you should you need a hand for booth set-up or take-down — please notify Stan the Lion as soon as you know that you will need assistance.

There are close out periods every night from 6pm to 7pm on Friday November 10, 2017 and Saturday November 11, 2017. The dealers den will be locked at the end of this period and no one aside from convention staff, will be allowed entry until the following morning for setup hours.

Dealer Guidelines:

  • You must be present at your table, or have an assistant at the table. Tables should not be left unattended. CanFURence will not be responsible for your merchandise. If you require an assistant, please ensure that you sign one up.
  • You are permitted up to 3 assistants for a full table, and 1 assistant for a half table. If you did not request one during application and find you need one feel free to select someone, and register them at the Dealer Reg / CanFURence table first, so they can get access to the room.
  • When requesting a table, please indicate any special needs you may require (wall space, electrical outlets, easy access for reduced mobility, etc.)
  • For non-commercial dealers, you must have created at least 50% of what you are selling.
  • All displayed merchandise must follow the PG-13 rating of the Convention. No R-rated or adult material can be displayed openly in the Dealers Room or any other convention function rooms. Please select the items that you display so that most of them intrinsically conform to a PG-13 rating, not just by censoring more adult pieces. Convention staff reserve the right to determine what is or isn’t considered appropriate PG-13 content.
  • Adult material can be kept in a closed binder near the back of your table. The binder must be clearly marked that it is 18+. Vendors are responsible for checking that a viewer is over 18.
  • Fan art is allowed, but we ask that it is of original nature, not copied from existing commercial or copyrighted material.
  • You are prohibited from moving your table or changing tables with another dealer unless you are given permission. Consult our Head of Artists & Vendors should you need to make a change.

Conditions and Regulations:

Dealers will comply with all federal, provincial, and municipal laws and regulations, especially those that relate to weapons and copyrighted materials.

Dealers are responsible for payments of applicable taxes, and for obtaining whatever licenses and permits may be required to sell or exhibit at CanFURence.

Neither CanFURence, CanFURence Anthropomorphic Events, Inc., nor the hotel will be held liable for any harm which may befall a vendor or exhibit, including but not limited to damage, theft, or personal injury, and whether the cause be accidental, Act of God, negligence on the part of the hotel, CanFURence, or another dealer, or indeed any cause whatsoever. The dealer is solely responsible for his/her own property, and the property of others who may be harmed by his/her exhibit and/or actions related to his/her exhibit. The dealer is therefore advised to purchase insurance to cover personal injury and/or damage to property.

For safety and security reasons, dealers are required to keep their designated areas clean, and to ensure passages and exits are kept clear. All merchandise, exhibits, chairs, shelving, and so forth must be maintained within each allotted area.

The premises must be returned to the same or better condition in which they were received, clean and undamaged. Dealers will be held responsible for any damage done to the hotel property, or other dealers spaces. Disrespectful vendors will be noted, and may not be considered for future events.

The ALT Hotel Ottawa does not permit any tape or pushpins on the walls.

CanFURence tolerates the sharing and “subletting” of table space, but holds the signatory below wholly responsible for compliance with our regulations, and for the payment of fees. This privilege of sharing tables can be revoked by CanFURence Staff at any time.

CanFURence reserves the right to ask for the removal of material which CanFURence Staff in its sole judgement deems to be offensive, hazardous, possibly illegal, too noisy, or out of character for our convention. Unregistered sale of food and beverages is prohibited. Sale or possession of alcohol in the dealer’s den is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Offenders will be asked to leave.

CanFURence will do its utmost to meet your requirements, but retains the right to alter its floor plan and/or opening hours if necessary to meet the objectives of the convention and the requirements of the hotel.

To facilitate the security of your dealer table and merchandise, dealers will have access to the dealer rooms no earlier than 1 hour before opening hours (except on Friday, November 10, 2017), and must leave the room no later than 1 hour after closing time. The rooms will be locked outside these hours. Dealers may begin setting up at 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM on Friday, November 10, 2017 and may begin loading out no later than 6:00 PM on Sunday, November 12, 2017. The sales and exhibit areas must be cleared by 8:00 PM on Sunday.

The dealer is solely responsible for setup and takedown.

In the event that CanFURence is cancelled, or obliged to close the dealer room for all or part of the convention, CanFURence shall reimburse the dealer on a pro rata basis.  CanFURence is released from any claims arising from the consequences.

If the dealer fails to comply in any respect with the terms and conditions of this agreement, CanFURence has the right to terminate this agreement. CanFURence will retain the fees forwarded by the dealer as liquidated damages (not a penalty), it being agreed that CanFURence will be damaged by the dealer’s failure to comply, and there being no other precise method for determining CanFURence’s damages. Should a dealer fail to occupy his/her space, CanFURence will not reimburse the dealer, for the same reason, and may, if it chooses, re­assign or occupy the space as it wishes.

Any behaviour by the dealer, or the agents and representatives of the dealer,
deemed to be disruptive in the sole judgement of CanFURence, shall result in expulsion from CanFURence, their memberships revoked, and fees not ­refunded

Acceptance of your application by the organizers will constitute acceptance of your offer to purchase the above “Services” set out in this application form.

CanFURence will provide you with your dealer’s space and table. All additional materials must be provided by the exhibitor. The organizers do not provide tablecloths or table skirts.

To guarantee the reservation the organizers must receive full payment on or before Thursday August 31st 2017. If the payment has not been received by that time, the space will be redistributed at the discretion of the organizer.

All dealers and table assistants must be 18 years of age on or before the first day of the convention.

It is strictly forbidden to block access to devices for protection against fire (alarms, extinguishers, etc.) and emergency exits under any circumstance. The organizers reserve the right to ask a dealer to move any obstructing objects.

CanFURence reserves the right to update and modify this agreement prior to November 10, 2017. Updated copies will be sent to dealers along with reminders to complete and return this contract to a CanFURence dealers liaison when arriving for setup for CanFURence 2017.


By signing below, I affirm that I have read and agree to the Dealer’s Agreement and agree to the guidelines, conditions, and regulations put forth in the agreement.

Booth Name: ________________________________ Table number: ________________

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