Media Policy

We are still working on our media policy.  Anything stated here may be superseded by the final policy when issued.

CanFURence is happy to enter into a partnership with responsible members of the media to promote the best interests of our fandom and our events.

Our events are private events, and as such we allow media access to them, and the attendees, only by prior arrangement.

As a volunteer run organization, we may not have the resources to respond to requests for access to our events in the period immediately prior to or during those events.  We must request that as much as possible you contact us well in advance of our events to arrange for accreditation to our events.

If granted media accreditation, we will provide a staff member or members to accompany you during your attendance at our event. 

If you wish to request media accreditation, please contact our Board of Directors at until we have everything in place.

Thank you for your interest.