Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue

Our charity is the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue.

Their goal is to help get adoptable cats off the streets, and into their forever homes.  Where the cats have not been socialized so that they can be adopted, they manage the colonies that they live in.  The cats in these colonies are spayed or neutered so their numbers don’t just keep growing, and are provided shelter against the cold of winter so that they can live out their lives in reasonable comfort.

One way you can help is to donate items that are used directly by the charity.

We will be collecting donations for the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue. Cash donations are always cheerfully accepted, but donations of cat food (dry/wet, open bags too), litter, litter boxes, scratching posts (new or gently used), large or extra-large dog crates, cleaning/disinfecting products, humane cat traps, and more are welcome too. 

The other way you can help is to donate items to our Charity Auction, with the proceeds from the Auction being donated to support their programs.

If you have something suitable for the Auction, tell us about it here.

You’ll make the kitties happy!