Guest of Honour

Anyare - CanFURence 2017 Guest of Honour


Anyare has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Ever since seeing The Lion King at a young age, she fell in love with both anthropomorphic animals, animation and traditional arts. This inevitably led her to both the Furry Fandom and to take up a career in the animation arts, completing a BA in Applied Arts Animation.


She counts herself as a member of the fandom for the past 10 years, and has attended many conventions for the last 8 years. Her artwork has been published by Sofawolf Press as an accompaniment for furry literature. Along with contributing artwork to various furry events and gatherings, she is well-known around her hometown of Toronto, Ontario for her popular badge work complete with magazine lettering.


When not dealing with walking and talking animals (or being one herself!) she’s usually hard at work at her profession in the animation industry where she helps to create television cartoons. On her downtime she enjoys a long hike with her dog, cooking (with a glass of Vino, of course!), playing Pokemon, or practicing Archery!

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