Pawprints in the Sand 2017 is Over!

Pawprints in the Sand 2017

Pawprints in the Sand is over for 2017!

CanFURence and all the staff would like to thank everyone who attended and made this such a great time.

Thanks to our Patrons


And one more Patron who missed the main picture


Our Sponsors

And all the others too, some of whom were just bowled over!

There were games for the gamers

Swag of all kinds

Our vendors, Storeyteller Laurie

And Strive

Fursuit Games

A sweet ending to the Fursuit Games with a Minion pinata.

Minion pinata

Werewolf was hosted by Stew

Clumzy Lion performed an excellent “unplugged” set.


Throughout the evening, Devon, the Legion’s bartender, was responsibly serving alcoholic libations.

Best enjoyed in official CanFURence steins!

Our raffle raised $106 for the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue.

And the evening ended with dancing!

So, that was Pawprints in the Sand for this year.  Our thanks goes to everyone attended, and the often invisible staff members who help to make it all possible.

Join us in November for CanFURence 2017, and one year from now on the August holiday weekend for CanFURence 2018!


Saturday August 5, 2017
2:00 PM to Midnight


Westboro Legion
389 Richmond Rd
Ottawa, ON K2A 1Y8


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CanFURence is a not for profit furry convention in the national capital region of Canada. Located in Ottawa where there are plenty of tourist spots, beautiful parks and a thriving community of furs. The 2017 CanFURence theme is “Furry Adventurers”, and the guest of honour is Anyare.