An Important Message from CanFURence



CanFURence Anthropomorphic Events Inc.


August 16, 2017

For Public Release

Recent events have drawn attention to various factions, both outside and within our fandom, who promote cultural, ethnic, and religious intolerance, and to those who attempt to justify or even incite violence either to further or counter said intolerance. I will not mention these factions by name; they do not deserve even the minimal amount of publicity my mention of them would confer.

We are fortunate to reside in one of the world’s great democracies; we live in a free country where our rights and freedoms are guaranteed under our Constitution and Charter, protected by the rule of law, where our leadership is determined by the ballot box, not by the billy club. Whether in support of or in opposition to hatred and intolerance, resorting to harassment or violence is never acceptable.

The fact that we as convention organizers who welcome attendees from all walks of life to our events also stand against and repudiate hatred and intolerance of culture, ethnicity, religion, and gender is self-evident. That said, any attempt by anyone to interfere with our events will be handled in accordance with our Code of Conduct and applicable law, and any organized effort to undermine our convention or its organization will be dealt with using any or even every legal means at our disposal.


Convention Co-Chair



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