Artists & Dealers 2017

Artists Alley

Artists Alley is an area of tables in the zoo close to the Dealers Den that are available to artists and we are happy to say they are free.

Artists Alley tables are given on a “first-come first-served” basis. To get a table you have to speak to the organizer at the CanFURence Charity table outside of the Dealers Den and you will be assigned an Artists Alley table space if available. The organizer may rotate people in and out to ensure that tables are fairly allocated.

Artists participating in Artists Alley must follow all rules set out by the convention which include respect for the shared table, not blocking traffic in the hallway, and ensuring all artwork is censored and/or kept away from underage attendees. Artist in the Artists Alley however may not sell  or display prices for any work or crafts after the Dealers Den is closed.

For more specific information on the rules please contact us.

Dealers Den

The Dealers Den is where you’ll find vendors of all sorts of marvelous things, as well as tables from other fabulous events.


Anyare – our Guest of Honour

Anyare 2017 Guest of Honour

Anyare is our Guest of Honour for 2017, and you can also find her at her table in the Dealers Den.  Speak to her about Commissions, and if you can`t wait there`ll be a splendid collection of Art Prints for sale.

Art By Amara

After doing a bunch of major comicons as a guest, Amara is back because she misses her fuzzy people. She draws the cute! Cute everything. Not only will you find awesome furry stuff at her table, but also science! Bacteria with faces are technically furry, right? Commissions, full size and con badge, are welcome. G-PG only for art, but R for language is just fine.


Heather Bruton

Our 2016 Guest of Honour, Heather Bruton, will be selling her artwork in the dealers den.  You’ll find prints of her artwork, often inspired by her travels, but can also inquire on commissions.

Black Lory Art

Purveyor of affordable fine furry arts: prints, buttons, stickers, comics, commissions and more! I can draw just about anything you can throw at me, so drop by and have a look.

CyberPup Art & Glow

A wide variety of LED and glow products, handmade 3D fuze art and printed while you wait T-shirts.

Eevachu // Squiggalaimon

Commissions (con badges, reference sheets, sketches, and much more), buttons galore, stickers, prints, and Awoobusters merchandise (don’t awoo).

Dark Bunny Sauces

Dark Bunny Sauces provides a unique experience with each taste. Everyone loves hot sauce! And for those who don’t (you strange people, you) we have non-spicy sauces and even some dessert sauces!


I create strange artworks and prints, stickers, and other oddities, as well as offering same-day and next-day delivery commissions for badges. I can draw a wide range of animals, anthros, monsters, and varying body types–there’s practically no animal or build I won’t draw!

The Paw Spa

Come see us at The Paw Spa for homemade soaps for your inner human and sprays for your outer fabulous fur! Fursuit getting funky at the Con? No problem, we have an awesome No Sweat spray to freshen you up. Inner human needing a pick me up? We have some great bath products to soothe and refresh including Unicorn Dust bath fizzies, rainbow bath bombs, and soaps of all scents and styles. Take home a paw-shaped souvenir soap or one of our You are Beautiful soaps. Stay clean. Smell good. Hugs are going to happen!

Art by Sandy Schreiber

Colored-pencil badges, sketches, watercolor portraits, prints, original art and hand-painted china

Portly Possum

A huge selection of pre-made ears, tails and fursuit accessories. Custom ears made on site in as little as one hour!

Sukotto Arts

Step right up to Sukotto’s arts where you can buy a collection of prints that merge character and abstract accents, great pins that also include pokemon pins (15% chance of a shiny!) and special badge commissions as well!~

The Silver Dragon / Le Dragon Argente

Artisan sterling silver and bronze jewellery. From geeky to fantasy and everything in between!


I offer commissions of all sorts, both traditional and “semi-3d” variations: conbadges, characters, colour and black and white. Look for my convention specials too! I also sell hand made books, bookmarks, dicebags, mini-standees, magnets, pins and prints. Stickers are still 25 cents each with over 50 designs. Almost everything I make can be made custom, so just ask!

Furnal Equinox

Drop by and pick up your ticket for Living Large in the big city!
March 16-18, 2018, at Toronto’s Westin Harbour Castle


Vendors, artists, cosplayers, and more from the world of entertainment.
April 21-22, 2018, at the Benson Centre in Cornwall