We’ve brought the furry fun back to the Ottawa area, and we’re doing it again in 2017!

Our mascot - the Squynx

Your tired but oh so happy CanFURence staff are just taking a few days to recover from hosting CanFURence 2016.  Most of the information still reflects 2016 information – please give us a chance to update.

But if you were at closing ceremonies you’ll know our theme for next year is “Furry Adventure“, and our fabulous Guest of Honour for next year is Anyare!

CanFURence is very happy to introduce Squynx, our furry ambassador. He’s a squirrel-lynx that you’ll see popping up all over the place. He’s here to tell you that the Ottawa furry community is very happy to tell you that a new furry convention is coming to Ontario!

CanFURence is Canada’s Capital furry convention on November 10 to 12, 2017 at the ALT Hotel Ottawa, so mark your calendars! We’re bringing you a fantastic 3-day convention beginning on Friday and ending with a Dead Dog Dance on the Sunday. Our team is working to create a magical convention experience for you. Keep an eye on our news or sign up for our mailing list for further updates!  

We’re counting down to the furry fun! Register now!


CanFURence will have a fun and fancy-free environment for people who love anthropomorphic animals, that is to say animals with human characteristics such as Disney’s Robin Hood or characters in Zootopia. We will be catering to the furry community by showcasing artwork, craftsmanship, performance skills, literature, and more.

CanFURence Gives Back

We are very excited to introduce our charity, the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue. We look forward to helping them give stray cats permanent loving homes and TNR (trapping, neutering, releasing) feral cats that are unhappy being domestic cats.